Biology 13th Edition by Peter Raven - Test Bank

Biology 13th Edition by Peter Raven – Test Bank


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Biology 13th Edition by Peter Raven – Test Bank

Chap 02 

MULTIPLE CHOICE – Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

  1. 1)  Matter is composed of:

    A) atoms
    B) energy
    C) mass
    D) molecules

  2. 2)  The number of protons in a given atom is equal to its:

    A) atomic number B) mass
    C) neutron number D) molecular number

  3. 3)  Isotopes that are unstable and decay when their nucleus breaks up into elements with

lower atomic numbers, and emit significant amounts of energy in the process, are called:

A) energetic B) ionic
C) radioactive D) isometric

4) Atoms containing a specific number of protons are called:

A) minerals B) elements C) metals
D) molecules

Version 1 1

  1. 5)  Sugar dissolves completely in water because of water’s .

    A) ionic bonds
    B) cohesiveness
    C) hydrophobicexclusion D) polarity

  2. 6)  The negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration in a solution is referred to as:

    A) pH
    B) atomic mass
    C) -OHconcentration D) electronegativity E) specific heat

  3. 7)  Bicarbonate ions in the blood can absorb hydrogen ions, keeping the pH balanced.

Bicarbonate acts as a in blood.

A) buffer B) acid
C) base
D) alkaline

  1. 8)  Atomic nuclei contain protons and .

    A) isomers B) ions
    C) moles D) neutrons

  2. 9)  Carbon-12, Carbon-13 and Carbon-14 are examples of:

Version 1 2

A) ions
B) isotopes C) isomers D) molecules

10) Organisms are composed of molecules, which are collections of smaller units, termed:

A) monomers. B) atoms.
C) electrons. D) polymers. E) ions.

  1. 11)  Negatively charged subatomic particles that have almost no mass are called:

    A) electrons. B) protons. C) neutrons. D) ions.

    E) polymers.

  2. 12)  Atoms of a single element that possess different numbers of neutrons are called:

    A) polymers. B) ions.
    C) monomers. D) isomers. E) isotopes.


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