SELL 2nd Canadian Edition By Raymound - Test Bank

SELL 2nd Canadian Edition By Raymound – Test Bank


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SELL 2nd Canadian Edition By Raymound – Test Bank

Chapter 4 Communication Skills MULTICHOICE

1. According to the introduction to Chapter 4, Simon highlights that there is significant difference between highly successful salespeople and not so successful salespeople. What is this key difference?

(A) their ability to utilize active listening
(B) their ability to predict customer reactions (C) their ability to close sales
(D) their ability to meet corporate objectives Answer : (A)

2. What does the term “collaborative, active listening” involve? (A) listening attentively to the other party’s message
(B) two-way listening with your eyes, mind, and total being
(C) listening to multiple conversations at the same time

(D) involving everyone in your team to ensure you all hear the message Answer : (B)

3. According to the textbook, what is the purpose of trust-based sales communication? (A) to seek the buyer’s agreement
(B) to seek the buyer’s commitment
(C) to obtain an order from the buyer

(D) to seek common understanding between the buyer and seller Answer : (D)

4. Which statement best describes the concept of trust-based sales communication? (A) talking with customers rather than at customers
(B) using customer information to gain common understanding

(C) using trust to separate understanding from agreement (D) using competitive data to gain customer commitment Answer : (A)

5. Why do salespeople need to possess effective communications skills?
(A) so they can do a better job of asking for the order in an effective manner
(B) so they are better able to identify buying needs and accurately convey solutions (C) so they are better able to communicate to others within the selling organization (D) so they have an advantage over their customer’s knowledge of the solution Answer : (B)

6. Kimlan is a salesperson for ABC Advertising and is having trouble maintaining control of her sales calls. She finds that her customers often go off on tangents and will talk about relatively unimportant things until her time with those customers is up. What could Kimlan probably benefit from?

(A) improving her questioning skills
(B) being more candid with her customers by asking them to stay focused

(C) talking more during the sales call so the customers don’t have a chance to go off on tangents

(D) being more formal and less friendly during the sales call Answer : (A)

7. According to the textbook, which of the following techniques is likely to be the most effective for a salesperson attempting to better control the selling conversation with a buyer?

(A) planning in exact detail what the salesperson wants to say before the selling conversation begins

(B) using active listening skills to really hear what the customer is saying
(C) asking well-thought-out questions to guide the selling conversation in the desired

(D) becoming more aware of typical nonverbal communication cues that buyers provide Answer : (C)

8. According to the textbook, which of the following criteria should a salesperson use to categorize questions by when seeking to improve his or her questioning skills?

(A) by the results they are designed to accomplish
(B) by the level of persuasion they require to attract the sale (C) by the amount of potential sales gain
(D) by degree of closure
Answer : (A)

9. In seeking to develop better questioning skills, a salesperson may categorize questions by the strategic purpose or intent. Which of the following is another way to categorize questions for this purpose?

(A) by the level of persuasion
(B) by the amount of potential gain
(C) by the degree of closure
(D) by the amount of information and level of specificity desired Answer : (D)


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