Serial Murderers and their Victims 6th Edition by Eric W. Hickey - Test Bank

Serial Murderers and their Victims 6th Edition by Eric – Test Bank


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Serial Murderers and their Victims 6th Edition by Eric W. Hickey – Test Bank


1. In California, about how many of the nearly 120,000 registered sex offenders have committed crimes against children?

a. 1/3

b. 40,000

c. 2/3

d. 10,000

ANS: C REF: 147

2. The DSM-IV definition of paraphilia includes all the following EXCEPT:

a. preference for the use of a non-human object for sexual arousal.

b. repetitive sexual activity with humans that involves real or simulated suffering or humiliation.

c. the condition covers a timeframe of at least two months.

d. repetitive sexual activity with non-consenting partners

ANS:  C REF: 150

3. Which of the following is considered to be a paraphilic serial killer?

a. Aileen Wuornos

b. Charles Albright

c. Kenneth Bianchi

d. Robert Hansen

ANS:  B REF: 148

4. A paraphilia is:

a. An inability to achieve sexual arousal through any physical means.

b. Unusual or bizarre imagery or acts necessary for sexual arousal.

c. A compulsion to have one’s anatomical sex changed surgically.

d. A victim who has been raped or molested numerous times resulting in sexual dysfunction.

ANS:  B REF: 151

5. Which one of the following is true?

a. Children are not sexual in any way until puberty.

b. Multiple paraphilia often exist in the same person.

c. Persons with paraphilia have often had a sexual trauma early in life.

d. Persons with paraphilia rarely have had any sort of early life trauma.

ANS: B REF: 151

6. This killer placed Internet requests for young homosexual men interested in “slaughter and consumption” and received many serious responses. After meeting and rejecting four men because they were not suitable, he found a willing man in an Internet chat room. After the killing, the victim was butchered and kept in a refrigerator. By the time the homosexual paraphiliac was caught he had cannibalized most of the victim.

a. Charles Albright

b. Jeffrey Dahmer

c. Gary Heidnik

d. Armin Meiwes

ANS: D REF: 155

7. Which of the following paraphilia involves sexual arousal through the use of enemas?

a. infibulation

b. klismaphilia

c. autoeroticism

d. coprophilia

ANS: B REF: 157   

8. Which of the following paraphilia involves sexual involvement of a person with dolls or mannequins?

a. necrophilia

b. anthropophagy

c. pygmalionism

d. pederasty

ANS: C REF: 158

9. The act or fantasy of engaging in sexual activity with prepubescent children as a preferred means of achieving sexual gratification and/or arousal is known as:

a. fetishism

b. pedophilia

c. sexual masochism

d. zoophilia

ANS: B REF: 160      

10. Lawson identified four subtypes of female offenders. Which is not one of these?

a. heterosexual nurturers

b. the seductive abuse mother molester

c. the humiliation offender

d. the overt sexual abuse offender

ANS: A REF: 161

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