Test Bank For Essentials of Nursing Research 10th Edition

Test Bank For Essentials of Nursing Research 10th Edition


10th Edition
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Test Bank For Essentials of Nursing Research 10th Edition

Chapter 1

1. Which of the following groups would be
best served by the development of a
the scientific base for nursing practice?
A) Nursing administrators
B) Practicing nurses
C) Nurses’ clients
D) Health care policymakers

2. An especially important goal for the
the nursing profession is to:
A) Conduct research to better understand the
context of nursing practice
B) Establish a base of evidence for practice
through disciplined research
C) Document the role nursing serves in
D) Establish research priorities

3. Which of the following would not be a
the current priority for clinical nursing
A) Pain management
B) Health promotion
C) Nurses’ personalities
D) Prevention of illness

4. Most nursing studies before 1950 focused
A) Client satisfaction
B) Clinical interventions
C) Health promotion
D) Nursing education

5. To those espousing a naturalistic
paradigm, a fundamental belief is that:
A) A fixed reality exists in nature for humans
to understand
B) The nature of reality has changed over
C) Reality is multiply constructed and
Chapter 1
multiply interpreted by humans
D) Reality cannot be studied empirically

6. To those espousing a positivist paradigm,
a fundamental belief is that:
A) The researcher is objective and
independent of those being studied.
B) The researcher cannot interact with those
being studied.
C) The researcher instructs those being
studied to be objective in providing
D) The distance between the researcher and
those being researched are minimized to
enhance the interactive process.

7. The traditional scientific method is not
characterized by which of the following
A) Control over external factors
B) Systematic measurement and observation
of natural phenomena
C) Testing of hunches deduced from theory
or prior research
D) Emphasis on a holistic view of a
phenomenon, studied in a rich context

8. Empiricism refers to:
A) Making generalizations from specific
B) Deducing specific predictions from
C) Gathering evidence about real
phenomena through the senses
D) Verifying the assumptions on which the
study was based

9. A hallmark of the scientific method is that
it is:
A) Rigorous
Chapter 1
B) Holistic
C) Systematic
D) Flexible

10. Which of the following limits the power
of the scientific method to answer
questions about human life?
A) The necessity of departing from
traditional beliefs
B) The difficulty of accurately measuring
complex human traits
C) The difficulty of gaining the cooperation
of humans as study participants
D) The shortage of theories about human


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