Test Bank for Health Assessment in Nursing 7th Edition weber Kelley

Test Bank for Health Assessment in Nursing 7th Edition By Weber Kelley


7th Edition
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Test Bank for Health Assessment in Nursing 7th Edition By Weber Kelley

Chapter 1
1. A nurse on a postsurgical unit is admitting a client following the client’s
cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal). What is the overall purpose of the assessment for
this client?
A) Collecting accurate data
B) Assisting the primary care provider
C) Validating previous data
D) Making clinical judgments

2. A client has presented to the emergency department (ED) with complaints of abdominal
pain. Which member of the care team would most likely be responsible for collecting
the subjective data on the client during the initial comprehensive assessment?
A) Gastroenterologist
B) ED nurse
C) Admissions clerk
D) Diagnostic technician

3. The nurse has completed an initial assessment of a newly admitted client and is applying
the nursing process to plan the client’s care. What principle should the nurse apply when
using the nursing process?
A) Each step is independent of the others.
B) It is ongoing and continuous.
C) It is used primarily in acute care settings.
D) It involves independent nursing actions.

4. The nurse who provides care at an ambulatory clinic is preparing to meet a client and
perform a comprehensive health assessment. Which of the following actions should the
nurse perform first?
A) Review the client’s medical record.
B) Obtain basic biographic data.
C) Consult clinical resources explaining the client’s diagnosis.
D) Validate information with the client.

5. Which of the following client situations would the nurse interpret as requiring an
emergency assessment?
A) A pediatric client with severe sunburn
B) A client needing an employment physical
C) A client who overdosed on acetaminophen
D) A distraught client who wants a pregnancy test

6. In response to a client’s query, the nurse explains the differences between the
physician’s medical exam and the comprehensive health assessment performed by the
nurse. The nurse should describe the fact that the nursing assessment focuses on which
aspect of the client’s situation.
A) Current physiologic status
B) Effect of health on functional status
C) Past medical history
D) Motivation for adherence to treatment

7. After teaching a group of students about the phases of the nursing process, the instructor
determines that the teaching was successful when the students identify which phase as
being foundational to all other phases?
A) Assessment
B) Planning
C) Implementation
D) Evaluation

8. The nurse has completed the comprehensive health assessment of a client who has been
admitted for the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia. Following the
completion of this assessment, the nurse periodically performs a partial assessment
primarily for which reason?
A) Reassess previously detected problems
B) Provide information for the client’s record
C) Address areas previously omitted
D) Determine the need for crisis intervention

9. The nurse is working in an ambulatory care clinic that is located in a busy, inner-city
neighborhood. Which client would the nurse determine to be in most need of an
emergency assessment?
A) A 14-year-old girl who is crying because she thinks she is pregnant
B) A 45-year-old man with chest pain and diaphoresis for 1 hour
C) A 3-year-old child with fever, rash, and sore throat
D) A 20-year-old man with a 3-inch shallow laceration on his leg

10. A nurse has completed gathering some basic data about a client who has multiple health
problems that stem from heavy alcohol use. The nurse then reflected on her personal
feelings about the client and his circumstances. The nurse does this primarily to
accomplish which of the following?
A) Determine if pertinent data has been omitted
B) Identify the need for referral
C) Avoid biases and judgments
D) Construct a plan of care


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