Test Bank For Operations And Supply Chain Management 14th Edition By Jacobs

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14th Edition
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Test Bank For Operations And Supply Chain Management 14th Edition By Jacobs

Chapter 6 – Processes and Technology

Process Planning

1. When outsourcing to a country for the first time, companies would most likely choose which type of relationship with a supplier?
⦁ Joint venture
⦁ Strategic alliance
⦁ Single contract
⦁ Vertical integration

Difficulty: moderate
Answer: a

1. _____________ takes a long time to complete, involves a large investment of funds and resources, and produces one item at a time to customer order.
a. A project
b. Batch production
c. Mass production
d. Continuous production

Difficulty: easy
Answer: a

1. Very high volume commodity products are best suited to
a. projects.
b. batch production.
c. mass production.
d. continuous production.

Difficulty: easy
Answer: c

3. Machine shops, printers, bakeries, education, and furniture-making are examples of
⦁ projects
⦁ batch production
⦁ mass production
⦁ continuous production

Difficulty: easy
Answer: b

1. The two characteristics on which the product-process matrix is based are
a. demand volume and product standardization
b. demand stability and worker skills
c. product customization and process speed
d. product quality and process cost

Difficulty: moderate
Answer: a

Process Analysis
1. Process flow charts can be used to
⦁ analyze the efficiency of a process
⦁ document the steps in a process
⦁ suggest improvements in a process
⦁ all of the above

Difficulty: Easy
Answer: d
⦁ A swimlane chart is a type of process map that
⦁ is used for swim meets and other athletic events
⦁ shows the activities performed by various service providers or team members in the completion of a process.
⦁ has standard symbols that are filled in and connected to signify process steps
⦁ all of the above

Difficulty: Easy
Answer: b
⦁ A process flow chart
⦁ includes only productive activities
⦁ shows the parent-component relationship in a product
⦁ is derived from a floor plan of the facility.
⦁ traces the path of a product through the production process.

Difficulty: Moderate
Answer: d

Process Innovation
⦁ Process innovation projects are chartered to do all of the following except
a. achieve rapid, dramatic improvements in process performance
b. continuously improve existing processes
c. achieve breakthrough improvements
d. totally redesign or reengineer a process from scratch

Difficulty: easy
Answer: b

⦁ A high level process map
⦁ works forward from a performance goal to the desired output
⦁ contains only the essential building blocks of a process
⦁ begins with a detailed analysis of the current process
⦁ provides a new process design that is so thorough a pilot study is rarely needed
Difficulty: easy
Answer: b


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