Test Bank For Organic Chemistry 8th Edition By L. G. Wade

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8th Edition
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Test Bank For Organic Chemistry 8th Edition By L. G. Wade

Chapter 7   Structure and Synthesis of Alkenes
1) Which of the following statements best describes the relative bond dissociation energies of the sigma and pi bonds present in the carbon-carbon double bond of an alkene?
A) sigma > pi
B) pi > sigma
C) sigma = pi
D) cannot be estimated
Answer:  A
Diff: 2
Section:  7.1
2) The carbon-carbon bond length in ethylene is ________ than the carbon-carbon bond length in ethane, and the HCH bond angle in ethylene is ________ the HCH bond angle in ethane
A) shorter; smaller than
B) shorter; larger than
C) longer; smaller than
D) longer; larger than
E) longer; the same as
Answer:  B
Diff: 1
Section:  7.2
3) Carbon-carbon single bonds tend to be ________ and ________ than carbon-carbon double bonds.
A) shorter, stronger
B) longer, stronger
C) shorter, weaker
D) longer, weaker
Answer:  D
Diff: 1
Section:  7.2
4) Which of the following best approximates the CCC bond angle of propene?
A) 90°
B) 109°
C) 120°
D) 150°
E) 180°
Answer:  C
Diff: 1
Section:  7.2
5) Circle all atoms that are coplanar in the molecule below.


Diff: 2
Section:  7.2
6) Draw the line energy orbital diagram for the outer shell of an sp2 hybridized carbon atom and explain how a carbon/carbon double is formed.

If we follow Hund’s rule and fill each orbital with one electron and then promote one to the lone atomic p orbital, there are single electrons in the three sp hybrid orbitals that can form sigma overlaps with 2-H orbitals and one other sp2 hybridized carbon orbital.  The atomic p orbital with one electron can then form a pi bond by a side to side overlap with the other p orbital from the other sp2 hybridized carbon atom.
Diff: 2
Section:  7.2
7) Why is rotation about the carbon-carbon double bond in alkenes prohibited while relatively free rotation can occur about the carbon-carbon single bond in alkanes?
Answer:  Rotation about the C


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