Organized Crime 10th Edition

Test Bank For Organized Crime 10th Edition By Howard Abadinsky


10th Edition
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Test Bank For Organized Crime 10th Edition By Howard Abadinsky

CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Organized Crime 1 Test Bank 9

CHAPTER 2 Development of Organized Crime in the United States 20 Test Bank 30

CHAPTER 3 The American Mafia 41 Test Bank 54

CHAPTER 4 Explaining Organized Crime 65 Test Bank 75

CHAPTER 5 Italian Organized Crime and the Albanian Connection 87 Test Bank 100

CHAPTER 6 Latin American Organized Crime 110 Test Bank 124

CHAPTER 7 Black Organized Crime 134 Test Bank 146

CHAPTER 8 Asian Organized Crime 156 Test Bank 167

CHAPTER 9 Russian Organized Crime 179 Test Bank 190

CHAPTER 10 Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs 201 Test Bank 213

CHAPTER 11 “Goods and Services”: Gambling, Loansharking, Theft, Fencing, Sex, Trafficking in Persons, Arms and Counterfeit Products 225 Test Bank 238

CHAPTER 12 Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking 249 Test Bank 262

CHAPTER 13 Organized Crime in Labor, Business, and Money Laundering 275 Test Bank 288

CHAPTER 14 Organized Crime: Statutes 300 Test Bank 313

CHAPTER 15 Organized Crime: Law Enforcement 325 Test Bank 338

Appendix Teaching Using Learning Objectives 351


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