Organized Crime

Test Bank For Organized Crime 10th International Edition by Howard Abadinsky


10th Edition
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Test Bank For Organized Crime 10th International Edition by Howard Abadinsky


Italian Organized Crime and the Albanian Connection

Test Bank


1. The southern Italians developed an ideal of:

a. manliness

b. omertá

c. vendetta

d. all of these

ANS: D LO: 1 REF: 106

2. Members of the Mafia refer to the organization as _____________?

a. Omertá

b. Vendetta

c. Cosa Nostra

d. Capo di Famiglia

ANS: C LO: 4 REF: 113

3. Which one of the following statements is false?

a. Mafia is a state of mind.

b. Mafia is a secret criminal organization.

c. The mafia originated in Sicily.

d. Mafia is a way of life.

ANS: B LO: 2 REF: 108 | 109

4. Every Mafioso demands what?

a. Extortion money

b. Rispetto

c. Capomafioso

d. Blood money

ANS: B LO: 2 | 4 REF: 111

5. At the end of World War II, which group emerged?

a. The Outfit

b. The Firm

c. The Nuovo Mafia

d. The Mezzogiorno

ANS: C LO: 4 REF: 113 | 114 | 115

6. Which historical figure’s rise had important implications for the Mafia and Italian-American organized crime?

a. Stalin

b. Hitler

c. Pope John IX

d. Mussolini

ANS: D LO: 3 REF: 112

7.  To which crimes did the Cosa Nostra resort to accumulate the capital necessary to be a player in the heroin and cocaine marketplaces?

a. Extortion and smuggling

b. Murder hits and money laundering

c. Robbery and kidnapping

d. Prostitution and gambling

ANS: C LO: 4 REF: 125

8. According to Barzini, which level of organization within the Mafia consists of a group of several families who come together to form a cosca?

a. The first level

b. The second level

c. The third level

d. The fourth level

ANS: B LO: 4 REF: 109

9. Which of the following has become a primary alternative to traditional Balkan smuggling routes through the former Yugoslavia?

a. The Mezzogiorno

b. The Puglia (Apulia) region at the heel of the Italian boot

c. Albania

d. Sicily

ANS: C LO: 8 REF: 127


10. In Sicily, at least how many people are directly tied to the Mafia?

a. 500,000

b. 1 million

c. 2 million

d. 3 million

ANS: A LO: 4 REF: 116


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