Practicing College Learning Strategies

Test Bank For Practicing College Learning Strategies 7th Edition by Carolyn H. Hopper


7th Edition
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Test Bank For Practicing College Learning Strategies 7th Edition by Carolyn H. Hopper

Chapter 5
List the Learning Principles according to four groups we discussed in class and in the text. Naming the principle is worth 3 points.  Getting each group correct is worth 1 point for each group.  (Total of 34 points)
Starting the Connection
Intent to remember_____________________
Basic background______________________
Controlling the Amount and Form of Information
Meaningful organization________________
Strengthening Neural Connections
Allowing Time to Solidify Pathways
Distributed practice____________________
Identify the learning principle being described. (1 point each) You may use a principle more than once.
Intent to remember_____ 1. Jalen found that his mind wandered less in class and could stay focused more when he took notes
Interest______________ 2. One reason Thad was having difficulty in his math class was that he was convinced he would never use it in real life.
Selectivity____________ 3. In order to find the important ideas, Alex looks for clues such as bold print, headings, summaries and review questions.
Consolidation_________ 4. Justin found that even though he understood things in class, he didn’t really remember them until he reviewed in some way to give the new information time to establish and solidify a neuronal pathway.
Basic Background_____ 5. Breanna found it easy to see how Bloom’s Taxonomy fit into the learning principles because she learned about it in Unit 1.
Meaningful organization 6. Paige uses mnemonic devices such as words and sentences to cue her memory.
Interest______________ 7. When Keosha found herself getting bored in biology class, she and her study partner made games to help learn the material.
Basic background______ 8. John knows the more he knows about a subject the easier it will be to learn, so he surveys chapters before he reads and keeps up to date with homework assignments.
Association___________ 9. Monique finds that it is easier to understand new concepts if she asks herself “what is this like that I already know?”
Distributed practice_____ 10. Charnisha found that when she made flash cards of things on the test, she could study a few cards at a time and she soon knew all the material.
Recitation____________ 11. When Shannon finishes reading a paragraph in her history textbooks, she writes a question in the margin, then says the answer out loud in her own words.
Visualization_________ 12. When something is difficult to learn, Richie tries to come up with a funny picture about it to help him remember.
Consolidation_________ 13. Sean finds that when he takes notes in class, then recites and visualizes them, the new material has time to soak in and he remembers it longer.
Intent to remember_____ 14. Mina uses the Breathe System to check his posture and make sure he is paying attention in class.
Association___________ 15. Emily could never remember her ATM password until she changed it to her phone number.
Intent to remember_____ 16. Quinton finds he learns more in class by pretending there will be a quiz at the end of class covering the material presented that day.
Distributed practice____ 17. Darrin has found that it saves time and he actually learns more if he spreads out his study time to several short sessions each day.
Visualization_________ 18. Kyla remembers things far better when she pictures them.  She tries to make a video in her mind of new material she needs to learn.  Recalling that material is sometimes as simple as “replaying” it.
Multiple Choice Select the best answer and put the (1 point each) letter in the blank.
________C___________1. Short term memory holds only
9-15 bits of information
50-60 bits of information
5-7 bits of information
2-3 bits of information
________D___________2. Which of the following are examples of ways to consolidate?
Taking notes and asking questions in class.
Making and reciting flashcards
Stopping at the end of a paragraph and writing a question
All of the above
________D___________3. Self testing is a good way to study because it
simulates test conditions
gives you feedback
uses consolidation
all of the above
True False Write True or False in the Blank. (1 point each)
_____True___________1. The brain processes new information by value, meaning and usefulness
                                            as well as how it is related to prior learning.
_____True___________2. Memory and learning cause biological changes in the brain.
_____True___________3. The four steps of the learning process are gathering, analyzing, creating
                                            new ideas and acting.


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