Primary Care The Art and Science of Advanced Practice Nursing

Test Bank For Primary Care The Art and Science of Advanced Practice Nursing 4th Edition


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Test Bank For Primary Care The Art and Science of Advanced Practice Nursing 4th Edition

Chapter 7. Skin Problems

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 1. Simon presents with alopecia areata with well-circumscribed patches of hair loss on the crown of his head. How do you respond when he asks you the cause?
a. ÒYou must be under a lot of stress lately.Ó
b. ÒIt is hereditary. Did your father experience this also?Ó
c. ÒThe cause is unknown, but we suspect it is due to an immunologic mechanism.Ó
d. ÒWeÕll have to do some tests.Ó

____ 2. Which of the following is Òa linear crack extending from the epidermis to the dermis?Ó
a. An ulcer
b. A fissure
c. Lichenification
d. An excoriation

____ 3. A bulla is:
a. A vesicle larger than 1 cm in diameter
b. An elevated solid mass with a hard texture; the shape and borders can be regular or irregular
c. A superficial elevated lesion filled with purulent fluid
d. Thinning of the skin (epidermis and dermis) that appears white or translucent

____ 4. An example of ecchymosis is:
a. A hematoma
b. A keloid
c. A bruise
d. A patch

____ 5. When looking under the microscope to diagnose an intravaginal infection, you see a cluster of small and oval to round shapes. What do you suspect they are?
a. Spores
b. Leukocytes
c. Pseudohyphae
d. Epithelial cells

____ 6. Your patient is in her second trimester of pregnancy and has a yeast infection. Which of the following is a treatment that you usually recommend/order in nonpregnant patients, but is listed as a Pregnancy category D?
a. Vagistat vaginal cream
b. Monistat combination pack
c. Terazol vaginal cream
d. Diflucan, 150 mg

____ 7. Tinea unguium is also known as:
a. Onychomycosis
b. Tinea versicolor
c. Tinea manuum
d. Tinea corporis

____ 8. Sally, age 25, presents with impetigo that has been diagnosed as infected with Staphylococcus. The clinical presentation is pruritic tender, red vesicles surrounded by erythema with a rash that is ulcerating. Her recent treatment has not been adequate. Which type of impetigo is this?
a. Bullous impetigo
b. Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome (SSSS)
c. Nonbullous impetigo
d. Ecthyma

____ 9. Mark has necrotizing fasciitis of his left lower extremity. Pressure on the skin reveals crepitus due to gas production by which anaerobic bacteria?
a. Staphylococcal aureus
b. Clostridium perfringens
c. S. pyrogenes
d. Streptococcus

____ 10. When using the microscope for an intravaginal infection, you see something translucent and colorless. What do you suspect?
a. A piece of hair or a thread
b. Hyphae
c. Leukocytes
d. Spores

____ 11. Marci has a wart on her hand. She says she heard something about Òsilver duct tape therapy.Ó What do you tell her about his?
a. It is an old wivesÕ tale.
b. It is used as a last resort.
c. Salicylic acid is more effective.
d. It is a simple treatment that should be tried first.

____ 12. Which is the most potent and irritating dose of tretinoin?
a. 0.05% liquid formulation
b. 0.1% cream
c. 1% foam
d. 0.02% cream

____ 13. Of the following types of cellulitis, which is a streptococcal infection of the superficial layers of the skin that does not involve the subcutaneous layers?
a. Necrotizing fasciitis
b. Periorbital cellulitis
c. Erysipelas
d. ÒFlesh-eatingÓ cellulitis

____ 14. Mandy presents with a cauliflower-like wart in her anogenital region. You suspect it was sexually transmitted and document this as a:
a. Filiform/digitate wart
b. Dysplastic cervical lesion
c. Condyloma acuminata
d. Koilocytosis

____ 15. Jeffrey has atopic dermatitis. You are prescribing a low-dose topical corticosteroid for him. Which would be a good choice?
a. Betamethasone dipropionate 0.05%
b. Hydrocortisone base 2.5%
c. Halcinonide 0.1%
d. Desonide 0.05%

____ 16. Harvey has a rubbery, smooth, round mass on his chest that is compressible and has a soft-to-very-firm texture. What do you diagnose this as?
a. A lipoma
b. A nevi
c. A skin tag
d. A possible adenoma

____ 17. Which of the following statements is accurate when you are removing a seborrheic keratosis lesion using liquid nitrogen?
a. Do not use lidocaine as it may potentiate bleeding.
b. Pinch the skin taut together.
c. Use gel foam to control bleeding.
d. This should be performed by a dermatologist only.

____ 18. The ÒBÓ in the ABCDEs of assessing skin cancer represents:
a. Biopsy
b. Best practice
c. Boundary
d. Border irregularity

____ 19. The majority of HSV-1 and HSV-2 infections are asymptomatic so that only which elevated antibody titer shows evidence of previous infection?
a. IgA
b. IgE
c. IgG
d. IgM

____ 20. Eighty percent of men have noticeable hair loss by what age?
a. 35
b. 50
c. 70
d. 85

____ 21. Prevalence of psoriasis is highest in which group?
a. Scandinavians
b. African Americans
c. Asians
d. Native Americans

____ 22. The most common precancerous skin lesion found in Caucasians is:
a. A skin tag
b. Actinic keratosis
c. A melanoma
d. A basal cell lesion

____ 23. Ian, age 62, presents with a wide, diffuse area of erythematous skin on his lower left leg that is warm and tender to palpation. There is some edema involved. You suspect:
a. Necrotizing fasciitis
b. KaposiÕs sarcoma
c. Cellulitis
d. A diabetic ulcer

____ 24. Josh, aged 22, has tinea versicolor. Which description is the most likely for this condition?
a. There are round, hypopigmented macules on his back.
b. Josh has red papules on his face.
c. There are crusted plaques in JoshÕs groin area.
d. There are white streaks on his neck.

____ 25. Tori is on systemic antifungals for a bad tinea infection. You are aware that the antifungals may cause:
a. Renal failure
b. Skin discoloration
c. Breathing difficulties
d. Hepatotoxicity


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