Test Bank For The New Testament A Student's Introduction 8th Edition by Stephen Harris

Test Bank For The New Testament A Student’s Introduction 8th Edition


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Test Bank For The New Testament A Student’s Introduction 8th Edition by Stephen Harris

Chapter 05

The World of Roman Political Power

Multiple Choice Questions

1. (p. 89) Although some people throughout history—such as Alexander the Great, Caesar Augustus, etc.—have been intent on conquering the world, when Jesus was “offered all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor” he rejected it. Why?
A. He already had it all.
B. The temptation to rule the world is a devilish goal, and the method by which this is accomplished, i.e. military violence, is also evil.
C. It wasn’t what he was interested in.
D. Ruling the world would have been acceptable if there were other means of achieving it besides violence.

2. (p. 89) What did Caesar Augustus rule in the time just before Jesus was born?
A. the Roman Empire
B. nothing outside the Judean homeland
C. the Jews
D. the entire world except Judea

3. (p. 90-91) Who attempted to unify the many diverse religions and ethnic groups in his empire by promoting Hellenization?
A. Ptolemy I
B. Caesar Augustus
C. Antiochus
D. Seleucus

4. (p. 91) Which was not a way that Antiochus attempted to eradicate the Jewish faith?
A. by executing women who had their sons circumcised and having their infant’s bodies tied around their necks
B. by forbidding the reading or teaching of Mosaic Law and burning Hebrew Bibles
C. by holding Jews hostage in monasteries
D. by making the keeping of the Sabbath a crime punishable by death

5. (p. 91) In what ways did Antiochus desecrate the Temple?
A. by burning it down
B. by having farm animals brought in to defecate on the alter
C. by erecting a statue of Zeus inside and having pigs sacrificed there
D. by sitting on the throne himself and declaring himself to be God

6. (p. 91-92) What was Antiochus’ act of desecration on the Temple called in the book of Daniel?
A. abomination
B. Hasidim
C. midrash
D. pseudepigrapha

7. (p. 92) The first time in biblical history that Jews died for merely practicing their faith (as opposed to dying defending their country against foreign invaders) was
A. during the governance of Pontius Pilate.
B. during the Babylonian captivity.
C. during the conquests of Alexander the Great.
D. during the persecutions of Antiochus.

8. (p. 92) 2 Maccabees speaks of martyrs who chose torture rather than compromising their beliefs. These martyrs were called
A. the redeeming rabbis.
B. disciples.
C. loyalists.
D. the anonymous seven brothers.

9. (p. 92-93) When Syrian commissioners sent a representative to compel Mattathias to make sacrifices to the cult, he responded by
A. obeying.
B. killing a Jew who did acquiesce and then killing the king’s representative.
C. objecting and filing a complaint.
D. killing a sacrificial lamb to cover the sins of the commissioners and the representative.

10. (p. 93) Who was the son of the defiant priest, Mattathias, who carried on the revolt?
A. Judas Iscariot
B. Judas Maccabeus (“God’s Hammer”)
C. John the Baptist
D. Jairus

11. (p. 93) What precipitated the fall of Jewish national autonomy in 63 BCE, resulting in future Jewish leadership being only puppets of Rome?
A. the betrayal of Aristobulus
B. the separation between church and state
C. involving Rome in Jewish affairs
D. involving priests in the affairs of state politics


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